The Help Of God


20th February

Commit everything you do the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you.”

Psalm 37:5

Sometimes the ‘believing’ that God can do the miraculous in our lives isn’t the reason why we don’t have peace in our situations. The problem is not the ‘believing’ but the ‘letting go’ that hinders our ability to fully trust God. We naturally want to take the lead and do things our way. But God says to us, ‘Let go, commit it to Me, trust Me and I will take care of it.’ Part of trusting God, is committing things to Him, then letting go. Don’t try to keep one hand on it but fully give it to God, and He will help us. It’s a promise. It’s in His word. Trust Him, and He will help us. Let go. Trust Him. And watch His promises be fulfilled in your life. It is in the place of trust that we can fully have peace.