I Will…

14th March

I will be careful to live a blameless life – ….”

Psalm 101:2a

Surrounded by praise giving, God glorifying Psalms, is this wonderful statement and profession of faith by David. In this psalm, David declare to the Lord all the things he has set his face to do in the sight of God. To live a life of integrity, to reject perverse ideas, to be-friend faithful people, to be diligent in choosing those who work in his palace and so much more. All of the things David had set out to do, were all from a heart wanting to please God.

Yet it is a good reminder to us, as David also mentions here too, that without God’s help, even our best intentions, will be fruitless; ‘When will you come to help me? (101:2b)’. Yet with God, not only can we live holy and pure lives in our homes, but our influence can change the world around us. If we desire to live in purity and holiness, if we too set our face to follow after the things of God, then we too can make a huge difference in this world. Perhaps it would be a good thing for us to write a list of ‘I will’s’ too and see what God is birthing in your heart!

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