One Day..

27th April

..but someday He will return from Heaven in the same way you saw Him go!”

Acts 1:11b

Men of Galilee.. why are you standing here staring into Heaven?’ Don’t we do the same too. When life gets tough, when there is hard decisions to make, we do the same right?! We stare into the Heavens, knowing that we are helpless to control our situations. When sportsmen make mistakes or scuff their shots, they look up to the Heavens in anguish and desperation. The reason we do this, is because we are naturally wired to be dependant on something that is higher than us.. GOD. When we look to the Heavens it is like we are asking for divine help from above because we know we in our own strength we cannot do it alone.

Here in today’s passage the disciples were too left gazing into Heaven, watching their Master, Teacher and Friend be taken up, probably too wondering were there help would come from now. Yet just as the Angels said and Jesus Himself said, He hasn’t left us! He is in our hearts. Furthermore, He will come back again to be with us physically. We may not always feel His presence, but HE IS WITH US. And He will come back again. Don’t loose hope. One day He will be back! All our pain and suffering will end. Yet know that through the storms here now, He is with YOU.

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