Sinking Sand

Tuesday 30th April

Psalm 18 

“I love you Lord: You are my strength. The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Saviour. My God is my Rock, in whom I find protection. He is my Shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.” 

Do you ever feel sometimes that life’s problems are ready to swallow you up? Or perhaps you feel like everyday is a battle to get out of a pit of sinking sand. The more your problems increase the more you feel like you are sinking deeper and deeper into a pit that you cant get out of. Well you are not on your own.

 David, knowing that the Kingdom of Israel had been stripped from Saul and given to him, found himself running away from Saul’s jealous manhunt. Saul knew that he had messed things up and knew that God had taken away his kingship and given it to David. He was jealous and was out to get David. David also knew what it felt like to be in a ‘sinking sand pit’ knowing that it was only by God’s strength that he would be saved. 

As we come to chapter 18 in the book of psalms, we read of David’s response to God’s triumph over his enemies and deliverance from the wicked hand of Saul. This chapter is David’s prayer/song of thanksgiving to God for saving and delivering him.

Notice the words rock, fortress and place of safe refuge that David uses to describe God. It is comforting that even though David had no way out and felt abandoned and alone, he still in his heart knew that God was the rock that he could stand on in hard times. Humanly speaking David had no other option but to trust God. Saul wanted David dead. Yet God had a plan for David.

When we feel like we are in a pit of sinking sand we must remember the words David used to describe God. He is our fortress and rock and in His strength and power can we find comfort and help from life’s problems and battles. See God doesn’t just protect us from physical harm in the same way He protected David, He also reaches out in the hard times in our lives and lifts us out the mess we are in and puts us on the Rock that cannot be shaken, Jesus Christ.

 David in verse 33, had full confidence that God would deliver him, so much so that God not only lifted him out of the ‘sinking sand pit’, not only did He place him on a solid rock but he made him so “surefooted as a deer, enabling him (me) to stand on mountain heights.” This is true of God today. He wants to lift you and me out of our problems, onto a solid rock and them make us so secure in Him that we are able to stand on mountain heights and just look down and see were God has delivered us from.


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