Be Still

Wednesday 1st May

Psalm 46:10 

“Be still, and know that I am your God…”

This morning as the sun slowly rises and creation comes alive, stop for one moment and take a deep breath. Look around at God’s creation and marvel at His handiwork.

 The Psalmist says in verse 1 of chapter 46 that again God is our refuge and strength and an “always ready help in time of trouble.” In fact he adds to it that even if “earthquakes come and mountains crumble into the sea” we will not fear because HE is our God.

 It is inevitable that we will face storms in our lives. We might even face a crumbling mountain, but one thing remains… God is our God and that means we are the winning side. Stop for a moment today and remember to be still and know that our refuge and strength, IS OUR GOD!




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