Love Is…Fighting for Justice

19th February

“It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.

1 Corinthians 13:6 

We are called as the body of Christ to fight for injustice. This is encompassed in an attitude of loving others more than yourself. However, we live in such a corrupted world where injustice is celebrated, corruption is no longer hidden, and truth has been marked as an unknown. How can we love in a world like that?

Yet it is clear in Paul’s writing, that we are encouraged to stand up for injustice, and fight for the truth. It is so easy to unknowingly rejoice in injustice because it has been so cleverly knitted into our cultures, our mindsets and quite often in our way of life. Do we stand up for the marginalised in our society? Do we walk past the suffering homeless on the streets? Do we fight against the bullies in our schools and workplaces? Even closer to home, do we laugh at inappropriate jokes or join in in things we know are directly oppositional to God’s Holy standards? Isn’t it so easy to see how all these things have become so natural for us to ignore or to partake in? By ignoring or partaking in things that are unjust/evil in this world, we are almost rejoicing in them and aiding its growth.

However we are called to rejoice in the truth. Love conquers all evil. In fact love did conquer all evil on the cross. Therefore, as followers of Christ we are called to be ambassadors on this earth to fight for this love to remain true and evident in our world. When we see injustice we are called to bring God’s love to that situation. When we experience evil in this world, we are called to bring God’s truth and justice, not just by praying (although that is great) but also by doing! Love is an action that we all have the responsibility to partake in. If we are not love where there is no love, who will be? If we can only show a partial conditional love, how will this world know God’s impartial and unconditional love? Let the truth WIN OUT!

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