God Never Sleeps or Slumbers

24th February

 “..the One who watches over you will not slumber. Indeed, He who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps.”

Psalm 121:3b-4 

I remember once, when I went to visit a Buddhist temple in Japan with a friend. There was a long rope with a bell at the very top. The way it worked is that you give a donation to the temple, ring the bell and say a prayer to one of the gods. As I started to film the whole ordeal, my friend in the background starting singing out the ‘engaged’ tone, to the words ‘I’m sorry, the god you are calling is unable to answer your call, he is sleeping….’

Jokes, aside, there is an incredible truth in that. So often, in many of the world religions, you have to earn the right to talk to your god, or to even be in their presence. Yet the God we serve, as the Psalmist rightly says, never sleeps, never slumbers, and never has a mid-afternoon siesta. He is always everywhere!! He is the great God who watches over every part of our lives. Not only does He watch over us, but He always has His ear open to talk to us. He is our loving Father, that is longing to spend time with us, His children.

Rejoice today in the good news, that God is not dead, He is ALIVE. He is readily available to converse with you, to have a relationship and is only a prayer away. Invite God into every part of your life and take great comfort that in every step of your day, you have a real and living God walking with you.

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