Blessings Await Those Who Are Obedient

6th July

Praise the Lord! How joyful are those who fear the Lord and delight in obeying His commands.”

Psalm 112:1

This wonderful poetic psalm is such an encouragement to the reader. It highlights the key blessings of obeying God commands. However, the psalmist highlights that the blessings are not just in begrudgingly obeying but in joyful obedience and submission to them.

It is one thing to acknowledge that we need to honour and fear God in our decisions, our thoughts and actions, yet the motivation behind it cannot be out of duty, but rather should be out of our heart wanting to please our Lord Jesus Christ.

When we do obey and honour God, there are countless blessings that await. Our children will be successful and blessed, our characters will shine out God’s riches and we will not be overcome by evil. God will shine a light in dark places to lead and guide us. We will be confident and fearless and be able to face adversity triumphantly. We will be so blessed that when we hear of bad news, we wont fear it because of the confident trust we have in the Lord’s care. We will be known for our generosity, compassion and righteousness. We will lend money generously and conduct our business affairs fairly. We give money to those in need and have influence and honour in society..

These things are not fantasy, they are God’s promises! There are in God’s word for a reason. They are the blessings of obediently following the Lord’s commands faithfully and joyfully. In His commands we do find direction, hope and joy. Let them come alive and be evident in your life so we can reap the blessing of an obedient child of God.

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