The Significance of Lazarus’ Resurrection

12th and 13th September

Weekend Edition

Then the leading priests decided to kill Lazarus too, for it was because of him that many people had deserted them and believed in Jesus…..Many in the crowd had seen Jesus call Lazarus from the tomb, raising him from the dead and they were telling others about it. That was the reason so many went out to meet Him…..

John 12:10-11, 17-18a

A day after Mary sacrificially and prophetically anointed Jesus’ feet with her precious and expensive oil, Jesus headed towards Jerusalem in what is known as the ‘triumphant entry’. Many of those gathered around to welcome Jesus, came because of the miracle they had seen, where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead after 4 days. Yet not all the people there were happy to see Jesus, riding on a colt, being exalted as the ‘King of Israel’. The Pharisee’s, jealous for the attention Jesus was getting and for the people leaving their teachings and following Jesus’, were angered and wanted to kill Jesus. Yet there were so many in the crowd, that they simply couldn’t get to Jesus.

Interestingly the Pharisees were so mad with Jesus, that they even started resenting Lazarus for being raised from the dead and wanting to kill him again, (possibly they missed the fact that Jesus had just miraculously raised him from the dead or maybe it hadn’t sank in it yet).

The significance of Lazarus’s resurrection was not only to show Jesus’ power over death for others, but also prophetically for His own death. Moreover, Jesus’ miracles, led many to believe in Him and His power over sin and death. Yet, most of the people who came to joyfully to welcome Jesus en-route to Jerusalem, were present at Jesus’ crucifixion, screaming out for His death at the hands of the Romans.

What is important to note, is that although Jesus’ miraculous power can lead many to Him, it is only a personal encounter with Him that can change lives. Many people had seen Jesus resurrect Lazarus from the dead, but how many of those people truly encountered Jesus personally for themselves. Have you heard of Jesus’ love, read of Jesus’ miracles yet never encountered Him personally? Now is your chance. It’s never too late. Where are not called children of God because of others experiences but because we have personally met with the resurrected Christ and experienced His life changing love. Will you?

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