Victory Over Temptation

10th May

..and don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one….For Yours is the Kingdom, the power and authority. Forever and ever. Amen (some manuscripts do not include the last part)

Matthew 6:13

When we come to our Lord in prayer, we come to Him in the victory that He has won for us. We come as inheritors of that victory. Yet victory doesn’t mean you are immune to temptation. After all, we are living in a fallen world, surrounded by fallen people and things. The thing that separates us from the world, is the fact that because Christ lives in us, we can have the victory to swim against the ‘norm’ of sinful living and walk in victory over temptation. Jesus did exactly that when He lived on this earth. He was tempted but did not sin.

It is because Jesus conquered the enemy that we can pray these things. Temptation will come, but in Jesus, we have the victory to not yield to it. Jesus’ ‘model’ prayer helps us to realise that praying for strength over temptation is essential in our spiritual growth and our walk with Christ. In Christ we have the power to walk away from temptation, to not yield to its lies and to live in the opposite spirit of our sinful nature’s cravings. Let us rejoice in Him. Let us run away from anything that causes us to stumble and walk in complete victory in Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Victory Over Temptation

  1. What is the norm of sinful living, for example? All I can do is that as long as I pray for strength over temptation, Jesus helps us keep away from temptation.

    • Sinful living is anything that goes against what God says is good. It almost like when you are a child and your mum says dont eat from the cookie jar, you know its wrong yet you still do it.. It is the feeling that the Holy Spirit is telling you something is wrong yet you give in to its cravings. If we are not careful we can silence that voice and become deaf to the Holy Spirit’s prompting of what is right and wrong. We can become so comfortable in sinning.. That is why we need to pray Jesus’ protection over our lives to lead us away from temptation

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