Don’t Worry

8th June

“Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?”

Matthew 6:27

Sometimes Bible translators can’t agree on the meaning of a text. For instance, in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus advises against worry. It’s the practical reason He gave that translators can’t agree on. He either said that worrying won’t add to your height (NKJV, The Message) or won’t add to your lifespan (NIV, NASB). Fortunately, both translations mean the exact same thing: Worry changes nothing and accomplishes nothing. You can’t grow taller or live longer by worrying.

Actually, worrying does accomplish something in a Christian’s life: Worry calls into question the sincerity of one’s profession of faith. Worry is not only ineffective, it seem irreligious. It gives the appearance that the “worrier” is indifferent to the role of a sovereign God. If we profess our faith in a loving God who cares for our life, and then worry about how life might turn out, what does that say? That’s why Jesus said, instead of worrying, to focus on God and His kingdom. When we focus on what we know about God, what we don’t know about the future pales in significance.

Are you worried about anything today? If so, put your faith in the One who cares for all His creation—including you.1 Don’t worry about anything but instead put your hope in Jesus Christ!

1Taken from Turning Point’s Daily Devotionals

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