Do Whatever He Tells You..

29th November

But His mother told the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” Standing nearby were six stone water jars, used for Jewish ceremonial washing. . . Jesus told the servants, “Fill the jars with water.”. . ”

John 2:5-6a, 7a

The wonderful miracle of Jesus turning water into wine is often noted to be Jesus’ first miracle on the earth as a human. Of course the fact that Jesus turned water into wine, and not just any wine, but into a fine wine, is in and of itself an amazing miracle. Yet it is the manner that Jesus did it, that intrigues commentators and readers a like.

Jesus’ mother Mary, a wedding guest or perhaps even one of the organisers of the wedding feast, noticed that the wine had run out and authoritatively told the servants of the wedding feast to ‘do whatever He (Jesus) tells you’. If Mary was just a mere guest at the wedding, then she probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the servants what to do. Perhaps she was so concerned the wine had run out and knew who her Son was, that she took matters into her own hands. Whatever the reasons, Mary knew there was a problem and she knew her Son, Jesus had the solution.

So Jesus, encouraged by His mother, told the servants to fill the stone jars with water. What is worth noting, is the fact that these jars were used for ceremonial cleaning, a fact that John purposefully tells his readers. The stone jars that were used for ‘ceremonial cleaning’ would soon become vessels for Jesus’ first miracle and a miracle that led many of the disciples to put their trust in Him. The significance of the stone jars being used, symbolises that Jesus didn’t work in the ‘religious’ way people expected. He broke church customs and religious practices to reach greater needs and show people who He really was.

Sometimes Jesus doesn’t always work in the ways we expect Him to, but our hope in Jesus’ miracles in our lives, should be approached in the same manner as Mary did, ‘do whatever He tells you’. Trust Jesus, trust His miracles and watch Him work powerfully in your life.

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