The Romans Reflection: Keep On Praying

29th December

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.”

Romans 12:12

Sometimes in our lives we feel like there is no hope to keep on praying for un-answered prayers. Yet the writer of Romans, tells us that that should not be the case. We should persist in prayer, even when we don’t see tangible answers because we have hope that God is listening and is answering. Moreover, we can even rejoice through the waiting because of this hope.

Another lesson we can learn or even be reminded of, is to keep on praying throughout troubles in our lives. We can’t let trials or struggles stop us praying. Prayer turns our attention from our struggles to Jesus; our hope, our help and our refuge.

Friends, keep on praying. Keep on keeping on. Never give up. Rejoice in hope. Rejoice in knowing that Jesus is in control.

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