Trees Planted By Good Seeds

23rd February

The seed of good deeds becomes a tree of life; a wise person win friends.

Proverbs 11:30

It takes a long time for a tree that is planted, to bear any resemblance to what we might imagine it to look like. From the seed first being planted, to its constant care and nurture as it grows, a tree can take years to fully form and stand towering above the person who planted it. Yet when that tree is fully formed, it stands its ground when storms rage, provides fruit and flowers in its season, shade from the sunlight and its branches help build homes for birds. Yet the beginnings of the tree’s life, a small seed, may seem so small and insignificant.

Interestingly, we can also find similarities in our lives to that of the analogy of the seed and tree. Our seeds are good works (the sowing of the gospel) and the trees are the lives of people we have sown into. We may not always see the finished product of firm Christians, steady in the faith and firm in their foundation, but that’s okay. Our role is to shower God’s goodness wherever we are so that His Spirit can provide the growth and open people’s eyes to who Jesus really is. What we can take courage in, is knowing that our good works, our sowing of the seeds of the gospel, are nurtured and cared for by the Holy Spirit, to become trees of life, firmly rooted in Jesus Christ.

Let our light (and good works) so shine before men that they will want to know Jesus for themselves.

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