The Greatest Dreamer

21st September

…Because of the joy awaiting Him, He endured the cross, disregarding the shame. Now He is seated in the place of honour beside God’s throne.”

Hebrews 12:2b

Our great God was also a dreamer. He dreamt of a world, a people who can freely have a relationship with Him. Not through twisted and forced behaviour. Not through ‘communist’ style leadership. But because people wanted too. Yet there was one hurdle to this dream. SIN. So God took on human flesh Himself, became like one of us, lived a perfect life, then sacrificed Himself for us to make the ‘sin’ problem no longer a hinderance for us humans to have a relationship with Him.

The exciting news is that you are part of God’s dream. He wants to have a relationship with you and paid a great price to get there. Yet, throughout all the pain and suffering, before this dream came to fruition, Jesus had to suffer, be beaten and endure a gruesome death. But, as the writer of Hebrews tells us, it was His joy. The end point was salvation for all. Sometimes we too, have to go through tough times to wait until our dreams our realised, but what joy awaits us. Endure the hard times. There is in end. Joy is coming. God is in control.