Our God Never Sleeps


17th January

But Jesus replied, “My Father is always working, and so am I.”

John 5:17

Our God never sleeps. He is never engaged with someone else or is never too busy for us. He always listens to us. God is as alive and awake now, as He was when He made the universe from His very words. He doesn’t take holiday when He gets tired, because He never gets tired. He is fully engaged at all times. He is God every moment of every day; from now and forevermore. There is no time too late to seek Him or too early to call upon His name. Moreover, not only is He always working, but He is always faithful. Even when we dishonour Him through wrong decisions and actions, He is faithful to still hear our prayers, forgive us and fight for us.

Isn’t it incredible to know that we can enter into the very presence of Jesus’ throne room, anytime of the day and anywhere. Even more so, it is incredible that not only can we enter but we are invited! Jesus Himself ushers us into His presence. Let us rejoice that our God is alive and He lives in us!

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