Heavenly Minded

27th February

Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.”

Colossians 3:2

As you read this verse, perhaps some of the first thoughts that come into our minds are, how can I not think of the things of the earth if I have to live here? I have family to look after, I have children to care for, I have a mortgage or rent to pay, I need to work, I have responsibilities etc.. Yet being heavenly minded is not negating these things, or even dismissing them as un-important. Rather it is re-aligning our focus and including God in them. If we keep our eyes solely on the things that surround us on this earth, we can easily become suffocated and even loose focus of God. Yet if our eyes are always Heaven-ward bound, although we have to ‘do life’ here on this earth, our hope and futures and our present too can be safe and secure in Him. The struggles of ‘life’ don’t disappear but are seen in the proper light. They no longer seem daunting or overwhelming but are seen in heaven’s light and under God’s protection and comfort. Keep your eyes on Him.

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