Ambassadors In All We Do

10th July

And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.”

Colossians 3:17

Yesterday as I was driving to work in our company car, when I realised that I was going to run very late for my appointment. I pushed my foot harder on the accelerator to increase my speed and soon realised I was driving quite fast. It was then it occurred to me that I wasn’t driving my own car but the companies car which actually had a big logo of the school on the side. Interestingly I was so convicted and didn’t want to malign the school name, that I slowed down and ended up being very late. What struck me was that I wasn’t convicted about breaking the law of the land, but more fearful of damaging the school reputation.

As I thought about my actions, of course I repented for driving too fast, but quickly began to analyse how my actions can also bring down or lift up the Name of Christ. Wherever we go, we are always representing Jesus, by word or deed. We are Christ’s ambassadors. We carry the Name of Jesus wherever we go. Our lifestyles, actions and decisions can either bring shame or glory to our Father, after all we are His children.

If we are to truly bring glory to Jesus’ Name then we need to be conscious of the words we speak and the decisions we make, both publicly and privately. We need to include Christ in all we do, lean on His unending grace and ask that in all things He may guide us and lead us. Let us join in with Paul’s wise words and be ‘imitators of Christ’. Let our actions be reflective of a representative of the Lord.

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