The Clock Is Ticking

11th & 12th July

Weekend Edition


For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.

1 John 3:8b

In athletic games that are played for a set number of minutes, like basketball and football, the closer the clock gets to the final seconds, the more intense the play becomes. In fact, coaches practice plays to use when time has almost expired. Immediacy increases intensity in athletics—and in spiritual warfare.

The world may never have been in more dire straits than it is now. Revelation 12:12 tells us that the devil “knows that he has [but] a short time” left to disrupt God’s plans on earth. It should come as no surprise that the closer we get to the end of the age and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the more Satan will increase his activity. Wars, discord, disease, strife, immorality, and more are evidence of Satan’s work. But what Jesus started when He came the first time—destroying the works of the devil—will be concluded when He comes again.

The great hope of the Christian is that one day we, and the world, will be free from the attacks of God’s enemy. Satan knows the clock is ticking and that he will one day be removed forever (Revelation 20:10).

Taken from Turning Point Daily Devotions

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