The Wedding Feast: No-one Knows The Time of His Return But Be Ready

17th July

Later, when the other five bridesmaids returned, they stood outside, calling, ‘Lord! Lord! Open the door for us!” But he called back, “Believe me, I don’t know you!”

Matthew 25:11-12

Yesterday we looked at this wonderful parable in Matthew 25 explaining what it will be like when the Bridegroom (Jesus) comes back for His bride (the church). We finished by looking at the consequence of the five foolish bridesmaid’s actions, in not bringing extra oil for the wedding procession.

It has been said many times by unwise people that we can live wreck less and sinful lives, enjoy the pleasures of sins and deny Jesus until the last day on our death bed where we can repent and all will be well. Unfortunately this is not true and is further highlighted by the warning in this parable. We do not know the time of Jesus’ return (moreover it is not for us to know) but what we can learn from this parable, is that we are to be ready at all times.

Being ready doesn’t just mean outwardly looking ready because even the five foolish brides were dressed correctly. It is not idle waiting but rather it is preparing our hearts daily to meet our maker. We should expectantly be waiting for Jesus’ return, keeping short accounts with both God and man, loving our neighbours and loving God. Being ready is a mind set that helps us to make right decisions. It reminds us not to be friends with sin, but to hate sin. It reminds us to love God with all our heart, mind, and soul.

There is nothing worse than going to church all your life, looking the part, doing your religious duties but living for yourself the rest of the time, if when you reach the Bridegrooms house expecting to enter but instead, the door is locked and His answer is “I don’t know you!”

We are warned to be ready and to keep watch. Remember Jesus is only a prayer away. His love and mercy are new each day, unending and limitless.

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