The Maker Of All

18-19th July

Weekend Edition

Praise the Lord from the Heavens! Praise Him from the skies! Praise Him, all His angels! Praise Him, all the armies of heaven! Praise Him, sun and moon! Praise Him, all you twinkling stars!…..Let every created thing give praise to the Lord, for He issued His command, and they came into being!”

Psalm 148:1-5

Recently I read on the news that a satellite had finally got close to the planet Pluto. It set off 9 YEARS ago and travelled a staggering 3,500 MPH. If you think a plane travels around 600-700 MPH and takes around 24 hours to reach Australia from the UK, then you can only begin to realise what a seriously big universe we live in. Moreover, you begin to realise how great God is and begin to understand His time frame is completely above and beyond ours.

If it takes us humans 9 years travelling at 3,500 MPH to reach a planet inside our own solar system, think about how much bigger our God is, who flung the stars and planets into space and by His very breath created life! Seriously just take a minute to think about that…. God is so much more bigger than us, yet He is so personal He even knows how many hairs are on your head, so close He can even feel your heart beat.

Join in with creation and praise the God who made it all. Give your burdens to Him. Trust Him. Trust His judgements. Trust His timing and know that He is great!!

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