The Grace Of God Leads To…

March 10th

For the grace of God has been revealed, bringing salvation to all people.”

Titus 2:10

Grace. Grace is one of those words, that even when you say it, it sounds loving, kind and accepting (perhaps that’s why it is used so much in people’s names). And that is all grace is. It is the loving, kind and accepting gift of God, that turns us from our sins and leads us to His everlasting life. It is God’s revealed grace that leads to salvation.

God’s grace is unlimited and is always available to those who call on His Name. God’s grace says, you get what you don’t deserve (salvation and forgiveness), and don’t get what you do deserve (punishment). God’s grace says yes you have messed up but here, I forgive you; have another chance to put it right. God’s grace says, I have chosen you to be my child. It is God’s grace that sustains the universe and everything surrounding us. Yet above all, God’s grace is birthed from His love for us. His grace empowers us to live righteously for Him.

Friends, God’s grace is readily available. It is never too late to turn to Him. His grace is impartial and not dependant on if you deserve it or not. Let God’s grace lead you to salvation and fill your heart with love, kindness and acceptance.

Trust In The Lord

9th March

Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.”

Isaiah 26:4

Whom have we but the Lord? Whom else can we trust? Who else holds our lives in the palm of their hands? Who else is sovereign, mighty, powerful and majestic? Who else can be a solid foundation when storms come, other than the Lord God almighty? There really is none other than our God. Yes He is our God, on our side, fighting for us, interceding for us, healing us, saving us and making us more like Him. There is no one else who can be consistently faithful like God is. Why put your trust in anyone or anything other than God?

Even Isaiah knew this truth. He knew that if the people of Israel surrounded themselves in the shelter of Almighty God, then no harm would come to them, no enemy will be able to prevail against them. No-one will be able to come between their relationship with God. Friends that promise is real today too. Put your trust in the King. He is our eternal Rock! Nothing can shake us from the foundation we have in Him.