The God Who Fights For Us

15th March

““I told you that I AM HE,” Jesus said. “And since I am the one you want, let these others go.””

John 18:8

Even in the midst of Jesus’ weakest point, He was still interceding and fighting for His disciples. People often say that Jesus was a weak man, a frail figure, who couldn’t even protect Himself, yet when we read the Bible, the picture of Jesus, is far from that imagery. On the contrary, the image of Jesus in today’s verse, is more like Jesus is an army general, defending His troops and surrendering for the greater good of humanity. Even surrounded by the temple guard and Roman soldiers, He still had the courage to protect His disciples, demanding that they be set free. Although this statement was a fulfilment of scripture as a prophetic moment, it still highlights, that Jesus never gave up and never stop caring about His disciples. We too are today included in that. Jesus never stops caring about us, even more so now that He is sitting down at the right hand of the Father, in complete victory. Jesus showed us what love looked like. It was love in action. Even when He knew that He was about to be beaten and killed for murders and thieves, who wouldn’t even recognise His act of love, He still looked out for the vulnerable and put others before Himself. That is the Jesus we call King!