Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

19th September

Although Joseph recognised his brothers, they didn’t recognise him. And he remembered the dreams he’d had about them many years before….”

Genesis 42:8a

Sometimes when God gives us a dream, things can often feel like they are getting in the way and suffocating the dream we feel we have so clearly had. Yet, if Joseph’s life is anything to go by, then trust, that if it is a God breathed and birthed dream, then it will come to pass; we just have to wait for His perfect timing.

Joseph was a beloved son of Jacob, one of the forefathers and Patriarch’s of the Israelites. “One night Joseph had a dream, and when he told his brothers about it, they hated him more than ever.” (Gen 37:5) In a symbolic prophetic dream, Joseph dreamed that all of his brothers and family would bow down to him. Of course his brothers didn’t exactly want to hear that they would bow down to their youngest brother and their father’s favourite son. Yet Joseph’s dream was a real picture of future events.

Yet to get to the point of the fulfilment of that dream, Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, accused of rape by his owner’s wife and thrown into prison. It was only God’s favour and the ability to interpret dreams, that Joseph was saved from the dungeons and promoted to the 2nd in command in the whole of the Egyptian empire. It was there that Joseph’s dream came to pass, and his brothers and family did eventually bow down to him, all those years after the dream had been given.

Friends you may too have been given a dream by God. Don’t let it slip through your fingers by bad situations or tough times. Hold on to it, for a the proper time, God will bring it to pass. If it is God breathed and birthed, for God’s glory, He will make it happen. Just wait, trust Him and keep praying into your dream. It’s going to happen. Trust Him.

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