We Are Not Home Yet

22nd– 24th September

Weekend Edition

For we live by believing and not by seeing..”

2 Corinthians 5:7

We know that one day we will all come to an end in our physical bodies. Yet, for those who believe in Christ, have repented of their wrong doings and live with Christ in their hearts, it is not the end. The best is yet to come. One day we will have a new body and live in a new world, where there is no pain, suffering, sadness or tears. This is the promise of eternal life in Christ. If we look around us, however, we can so yearn for that better place and body now.

Many can look around at the world in its present state, wars and rumours of wars, terrorist attacks and so on, and soon become discouraged, believing that there is not more to life than what we see in the physical. Yet, just as Paul encouraged the Corinthian church with today’s key verse, so we too must take encouragement from these words. We, as believers, do not live by what we can see in the natural and our faith is not built on this temporary world. We believe not by seeing, but by having faith in God’s promises and His eternal hope, revealed to us by His Holy Spirit, in-spite of what is happening around us in the physical.

We are not home yet. That day will come, but until then, keep living for Him, praying in His Kingdom and devoting yourself to Him daily.

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