What Do You Want From ME?

27th September

What do you want Me to do for you? Jesus asked.”

Mark 10:51

Bartimaeus was a blind beggar, rejected by society and left begging for food and money to survive. Yet there was one man who didn’t walk past him and leave him for dead: His name was Jesus. When Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was in town, presumably He had heard of Jesus’ healing from people around him, knew that when Jesus passed near them, that was his chance for healing. So with a loud voice, he cried for mercy to the prophesied Messiah from the lineage of King David, despite others around him trying to shut him up.

Even though Bartimaeus may have annoyed the people around him with his loud cries for mercies, he caught Jesus’ attention. Jesus stopped what He was doing, went over to Bartimaeus and said, ‘what do you want me to do for you?’ Jesus was not stupid. He knew what Bartimaeus’ needs were, but Jesus wanted to show him, that He was the healer and hear from Bartimaeus’ mouth, his needs and problems.

Today, Jesus calls you too with this same question. Yes He already knows what we need, but He wants us to lean on Him completely for everything. Don’t let pride stop you from asking God for anything. Be like Bartimaeus who laid himself completely open, knowing that it was Jesus alone who could save!!

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