Listening To God Determines The Outcome Of Your Battle

Tuesday 5th March

Joshua 6:1-21

 Yesterday’s devotion took the focus off Joshua’s abilities or strengths as a leader and focused entirely on God’s provision for him and his people through the ‘commander of the Lord’s army.’ Today, the focus is still God’s victory, but through an obedient vessel willing to hear what God says and act upon His unconventional tactics.

As Joshua converses with the Lord as to how they will defeat Jericho, those inside the walled city are trembling in fear. A great expectation about the Israelites imminent attack had fallen upon the people of Jericho. They had heard of Israel’s great victories through God’s provision and were doing everything they could to defend themselves from the mighty hand of the Lord. Verse 1 says that they were so afraid that all access both into the city and out of it were locked up as a method of defence.

 The Lord again reminds Joshua that he goes into the battle with a 100% guarantee of victory. See when God is with us the odds are always in our favour even when circumstance might say otherwise. Moses’ parting words to Joshua to be strong and courageous were now paramount to this young leader as he prepared his troops for battle and received his tactical orders from the Lord.

Verse 3 -7 tells us how Joshua was to defeat Jericho and penetrate their protective walls. God commanded Joshua to send 7 priests and the ark covenant to walk around Jericho’s walls once a day for 6 days. Then on the seventh day, Joshua and the priests were to march around the walls 7 times. On the seventh time they were to blow their ram’s horns and shout in a loud voice. Then the walls of this fortified city would collapse and they were to charge and claim their victory. Now if God said I want you to walk around the city, blow a horn and shout, would you really think that victory was possible? YES!! Why? Because God had said it would happen. That was the assurance Joshua had. What God says He will do, that is exactly what will happen. Joshua had full confidence in his orders and relayed that exact message to his troops. Sure enough in verses 12-20 the victory was theirs. The walls of the mighty city of Jericho crumbled to the floor and their enemy was defeated. The victory had been won.

 Looking back at this story and Joshua’s journey with God, it is clear to see that his faith never wavered as he had a full assurance in God’s promise and His voice. He had ears to hear and the confidence to act upon God’s word. We may not have to ever face a situation of Jericho’s size or have to cross the Red Sea by foot by we know that in whatever situation we are faced with, both big and small, we can have full assurance that when God promised He would never leave us or forsake us, He meant. His presence goes before us and in Him the victory is won. God has issued the victory cry and shouts over us in triumph. Go and walk in your victory.