Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mothers who read this blog,

Mothers are to be remembered and honoured this day, because raising children is not a job but lifestyle. The difficulties of waking in the middle of the night to feed a crying baby, to the adrenaline pumped terrible two’s, to the adolescent teenage rebellions. A mother must stay steadfast and be a rock to her children in every season of their lives. Sometimes this pressure is over looked as they battle to feed, clothe and bath their children and so often maintain a full time job whilst balancing the role of a wife and keeping the house in order. Today we honour you mums, respect your lives and appreciate all you do for us.

 May God continue to fill you with wisdom, love and patience as you continue your journey in raising future servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. We appreciate you but more importantly your role as Mother is favoured by God almighty. He watches over you and is proud. We bless you in Jesus’ Name.

Anthony Achilleos

p.s. Might a add an extra appreciation to my own mother who has stuck with me through the rebellious seasons of my life and whose prayers have kept me in the faith. Mum, I love you xx