Like Mindedness = Godliness

Friday 22nd March

Romans 15:2,5-7

 Unity can often be thought of as a far-fetched ideology. After all, there have been some extremely bad examples of ‘unity’ under such horrifying dictatorships throughout history. Many have tried to lead unified nations through fear and authoritative influence. Others have forced unity through violence and war. Even sadder still, others in church contexts have risen up and even put themselves in the place of God to lead cult-like unity. The problem is, is that each of these people or ideologies have failed or will fail without the unity of the Spirit of God.

 Take a football match for example. The unity within a club is shown through the cohesion on the football pitch. However if there is unrest in the changing room, then the crowds will sense that and instead of encouraging their team to play well, instead they will criticise and mock their own players. However if there is unity on the pitch then the fans will support their players and there is great connection between the supporters and players.

 As the Body of Christ, unity should not fluctuate according to your feelings or if your team is winning or loosing. Unity is not something that can you can fake (although it may for a while, the truth will soon reveal itself) or that can forced upon people. To some extent unity is not even about us. OK, yes we have to make a conscious decision to accept each other but the true essence of unity is God’s Spirit in us uniting us together. There is only true unity when God is at the centre. Anything other than Christ like unity will be fake, temporary and will not last. God’s unity in and through His church should be a reflection of His character and His desire for mankind; to be unified in praise towards Him. God’s intended purpose for us was to be made in His likeness, to multiply and to create people who glorified and worshipped Him.

 We read in Romans 15:5-6 of this God inspired and ordained unity. “Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus, that you may with one mind and one mouth glorify the God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Unity is not just to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness (although this is fruit of unified worship), moreover it is the very heart of true worship. Again this is not something that man can manipulate, it is God breathed and God inspired. We can only be united if we allow God to be the orchestrator of true genuine love and fellowship. Our prayer should be to ask God to make us, His church, like-minded. Our prayer should be for patience to bear with one another. Our prayer should be that our hearts and minds be unified together to create one voice to glorify God. Our prayer should be that unity is not of ourselves but of the Spirit in us and through us. Amen.