God Delights In Unity

Friday 15th March

Psalm 133 

How good and pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) dwell in unity” (verse 1)

 This wonderful psalm is a constant reminder of God’s desire for His church. There really is nothing like unified, corporate praise and worship of our Heavenly together in unity. The Psalmist wrote in Psalm 84:10, that one day in the house of God is better than a thousand elsewhere. There is no truer saying than this. Being in God’s house, where His people dwell in UNITY commands a blessing and is God’s desire for His people. Look at God’s original design in the garden of Eden. He walked face to face with Adam and Eve, in unity and togetherness until of course they decided to break that communion and unity with Him. God’s purpose for mankind was that all people would be united in love and in their worship and adoration of Him. He will be our God and WE will be His people. Yet the truth is that so often unity takes a back seat in some churches. What does a unified church look like then?

In verse 2 we read of the blessing Aaron received as the high priest by the anointing of oil on his head. The significant thing here is that the oil symbolizes blessing. Not only did the oil go down from his head, but onto his beard, robes and most probably to his feet. Also as high priest Aaron would wear the breastplate bearing all the names of the tribes of Israel. When oil was poured on his head, God’s blessing was not just for Aaron but also over the unity of Israel. The significance of God’s anointing is the abundance of His free flowing blessings for unified worship to Him. This imagery is used to describe God’s blessings in corporate unity. The blessing of God’s favour is never ending. Moreover, oil in the Bible is often used to describe the Holy Spirit. Not only do we receive God’s blessing and favour but also the Holy Spirit’s anointing in equipping us to serve Him. Only with His blessings can we be a truly unified body.  

Finally in verse 3 David gives the example of the dew of Hermon, which falls on the mountains of Zion. The significance here is that water brings life. David uses the imagery of God’s divine provision of water as a symbolism of unity. Where unity is there is life. Where life is God is at work. A unified church is alive and active both corporately and in their surrounding community.

 How good and pleasant is it when churches live together in unity. Not just as a body of believers but also as a worldwide body, working together for the glory and extension of God’s kingdom. For there is a blessing in unity, there is life in unity and there the Lord has commanded a blessing. UNITED!!