People Of Faith

Monday 11th March

Hebrews 11:1, Matthew 17:19-21

 I recently watched a film that touched my heart called ‘Salmon fishing in Yemen’. During the film there is conversation between a rich Siekh and a knowledgeable agriculturist who has a particular interest in fishing. The conversation starts from the Siekh’s desire to start salmon fishing in Yemen although the fishing expert is adamant it won’t work due the warm climate. The conversation goes like this…

“Do you believe in God Mr Jones (from Siekh) …No… I’m more of a facts and figures kind of man (from fishing expert). Why not? You are a fisherman. Tell me Mr Jones how many hours do you spend waiting to fish? (from Siekh)  Actually hundreds of hours sometimes (from fishing expert). Is that a good use of time for a facts and figures man? Why do you wait so long before you catch a fish? Is it because you have faith that eventually you will catch you rod into the river and catch a fish? (from Siekh). I say Mr Jones… I think you are a man of faith.”

 Faith. It sounds like such a simple word but often requires believing the impossible. However faith is not a far-fetched ideology but a practical real belief in what is not seen but unseen. Again faith is not believing into thin air for some crazy wacky idea but it is simply trusting in the one who made the world has the power to sustain it and provide for His creation. Hebrews 11:1 interprets faith as being the substance of things hoped for. The NLT translates it as this Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Again it is not randomly hoping or wishing for something but rather trusting that what we have prayed for, God in His perfect will will answer. It is confidence that we can believe that what we ask, will be answered.

 Too often I have hear people say “I don’t have enough faith to pray for this and that”. I want to challenge that thought process this morning. Jesus said, that in order to move a mountain we need to have the faith of a mustard seed. This was spoken in the context of the disciple’s lack of faith. A father brought his demon possessed son to the disciples who could not deliver the boy from his oppression. After Jesus had delivered the boy’s demons, they asked why they could not. Jesus then replied to them and said it was because of their lack of faith and added that if anyone has the faith of a mustard seed, they can move a mountain. Jesus encouraged them to believe in what they are praying for.

 What is your faith like this morning? Do you know that a mustard seed is one of the smallest grains/seeds in the known world? You have more faith than that when you trust a chair to hold your weight when you sit on it. Or even greater faith is to know that when you sleep you will wake up in the morning. Just as Mr. Jones had the faith to believe that when he cast his fishing rod into the Scottish river that he would catch a fish, so we should have faith that when we pray God will answer our prayers in accordance to his will. Faith is the back bone of our prayer life. Pray with the Holy Spirit’s guidance to the Father through the Son, Jesus Christ! Watch and see what God will do through your prayer of faith.