It is finished- Death Of Christ

Saturday 30th March

Below is a rap my friend wrote a few years back. It depicts the death and crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Chris in poetic form and leads us to remember the gruesome and horrible death He suffered for us. Despised and shamed, like a Lamb led to the slaughter, crucified and crushed for your sins and mine. Thank you Jesus

It is finished,

The last words coming from Christ,

Before he, bowed his head, but lets get precise,

It was torture,

Beyond imagination blood and water dripping from His side,

As He was pierced for all the nations,

But all creation falls to temptation,

Which is, a lack of appreciation,

The death of Jesus is a demonstration,

So when His hands were nailed to the cross,

And He was hanging there,

And there was a blood loss,

From His head to His organs every breath He takes shortens,

And as they got shorter,

His body got weaker,

Please don’t deny Christ like Peter,

Cause the crown of thorns were placed on His head,

People walking by cursed and mocked as He bled,

He was whipped many times,

Flesh ripped,

Blood dripped on the floor, He was beaten for sure,

They bowed down and worshipped Him as a joke,

Hit spat on him, trying to provoke,

Even tho’ they salute, He didn’t retaliate because He had the Holy Spirit fruit,

And even tho’ they took Him to the place of a skull,

And they offered Him a brew to ease His pain He said no,

Because of us,

All that pain and suffering,

Because of us,

That’s why I praise and never cuss,

That’s why I’m gonna live the rest of my days without a fuss,

Cause He came from heaven to earth to die for us, that just proves His love for us

Remember that!!

 This, this is the Christ, He came to pay the price, the perfect sacrifice for us!!

 Remember Jesus, Remember the cost, Remember you are forgiven. If Jesus had to die only for your sins He would have!! What is your response?