A Mustard Seed Faith

Tuesday 12th March

Matthew 17:19-21, Luke 13:18-19

 Yesterday we learnt of what faith means in practical everyday life. We learnt that if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can move a mountain. We can have a hope and an assurance of things we might not be able to see with our physical eyes change in the Spiritual realm in accordance with God’s will. We learnt that what seems impossible with man can be more than possible with God. Finally we learnt that actually, a lot more people have faith that just God-fearing Christians. They just don’t know it yet.

I wanted this morning to go back to the imagery of a mustard seed and give an alternate or complimentary interpretation. Although the mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds in the known world, when planted it doesn’t stay small. I’ll explain. When Jesus used the imagery of a mustard seed, was He just talking just about the size of our faith or is it possible that His metaphor was deeper than that. You see when you plant a mustard seed, it grows into a huge plant that often resembles a tree. Jesus used this illustration when explaining about the Kingdom of God in Luke 13. It grew so large that birds could lay nests in it. Could it be possible that here Jesus is not solely talking about the size of your faith but also the process by which your small faith can grow into a large tree/plant.

 Think about it like this. Sometimes when we are on our own praying about something, our measure of faith to believe God for the impossible is somewhat limited. We might put some worship music on to create an atmosphere of faith and engage with God’s presence. This might temporarily increase our faith. Or how about when you are in a corporate setting of prayer whereby the sound of the other believers petitions and praises towards God almighty increases your faith in your own personal prayer. Or even greater still how about when you witness a miracle first hand or receive a prophetic word. Does this not increase your faith? The truth is that different settings and atmosphere can increase or decrease our faith. The target is to have unwavering faith so that whatever context or situation we might find ourselves in, we still can have faith to believe that what we will ask for, in accordance to God’s will, will be answered.

 Look at Jesus’ faith. No matter what context He found Himself in, He always had the faith to deliver people from demonic oppression or from life long paralysis. There is of course one exception to this, where Jesus could not perform any miracles other than lay hands on a few sick people, found in Mark 6:5. However that was not down to Jesus’ lack of faith or ability to heal but rather was a rejection of His divinity in His hometown.

Sometimes faith needs to time to grow in our hearts. We might be in different seasons of our lives and different contexts when we pray but our faith to believe God for all things should be consistent as was shown in our one true example, Jesus Christ. The season you may be in right now might be at the seed stage (and that’s ok) but once watered into God’s fields of provision watch and see the fruit of the harvest. Let your faith grow from a mustard seed into a living tree and soar to the heavens, to God’s very heart. Ask God to increase your faith so you may have the full assurance that what you will, you will receive. Amen.